Babylon Patio Contractors

Babylon Concrete Contractor Pros can design and install your new patio immediately. We have y ears of experience planning and installing concrete and brick patios. We have a number of design alternatives that will complement the look of your property. Our staff can install a patio for your commercial or residential property right now. We can create a new pool patio, outdoor kitchen, restaurant patio, and other outdoor spaces for you. Our experts will walk you through the design process so that your new patio meets your demands and fits within your budget. Please contact our customer service staff by email or phone if you have any questions about our patio design process. 

Designs for Patios 

Our crew is ready to alter your home’s outdoor space right now. For our home clientele, Concrete Contractors Pros offers a range of patio design alternatives. We can turn your garden into a private haven. Today, our crew can put in your new patio, outdoor living room, or outdoor kitchen. Create a cozy, relaxing spot for your friends and family by adding a fire pit to your patio. We can help you turn your ambitions and ideas into reality. We may also add stamped concrete and stains to your new patio to make it more attractive. Our design staff can match your visual style to a tee. 

Patios for Businesses 

Adding a patio to your commercial property may be beneficial to your company. The addition of a stunning outdoor patio to a restaurant can result in a significant increase in sales. For your customers’ enjoyment, we may design a personalized patio. Customers will appreciate patio chairs or an outdoor kitchen. Employee morale can be boosted by installing a new patio at your workplace. Patios and outdoor seating will also improve the curb appeal and value of your commercial property. We have a number of low-cost patio alternatives that will enhance the look of your home and raise its value. To discover more about commercial patios, give us a call today. 

Patio Finishes

It’s easy to get bored with plain concrete. Grey concrete slabs may look great in modern homes or with a minimalist aesthetic, but they may not be appropriate for your home. Fortunately, we can change the appearance and style of concrete. We provide stamped concrete if you want a brick patio at a fraction of the price. Stamped concrete is a type of concrete that has a design on top of it that looks like brick, stone, or other building materials. Stains, pigments, and sealants are also available to protect and enhance your new concrete patio. 

Patio Repair and Maintenance

Our crew is available to take care of your patio’s upkeep and repairs. Babylon Concrete Contractors specializes in business and residential concrete repair. One of the most typical issues is uneven concrete. We provide leveling methods to swiftly correct any uneven concrete. We can also repair any cracks, bubbles, or other damage to your concrete patio. Our team can also take care of your sealant’s upkeep. To guarantee that sealants are protecting your concrete, they should be reapplied every 3-5 years.

Call us for a free quote today! We can also assist with retaining walls, sidewalks, walkways, driveways and more.